We are not brokers. We are group insurance experts and SME’s specialists. We build sensible programs that create value internally. This is where leaders find the knowledge they need to make the best possible decision.


From the development of your programs to collaboration in action, you will gain two certainties very quickly: you are no longer alone and can now make the best choice for you and your employees.


Our exclusive partnership with the Groupement des chefs d’entreprises allows us to prove the value of our approach to 350 organizations and 15,000 active members in all sectors of the economy. That means less risk, more stability and an optimal price.

keeps its promises.

Our team constantly surpasses itself. In business and on a human level. GSC is at your side when all is well and during more difficult times. Especially at those times. We are people of commitment, people of conviction and people of action.


Discover GSC CO-LAB, a unique working group at GSC, dedicated to studying advances in artificial intelligence and developing product-solutions that will transform the way of doing things in the years to come.

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