We know group insurance. We believe it is essential that the business models evolve, particularly in health and pharmacological care.


It has become necessary to restore the balance of power in the industry. To put the interests of the individual back at the heart of the reflection.


So let’s get to work!


Innovating and changing the rules

We are entrepreneurs and visionaries. Like you.


We want to change the insurance industry’s thinking, practices and tools.


This ambition led to the creation of GSC CO-LAB, a working group, unique to GSC, dedicated to the study of technological advances in the fields of assurtech and AI.


We are moving step-by-step towards developing transformative products and solutions for a more equitable cost distribution for SMEs.

Do you want
to participate?

Do you have a unique technology or expertise that could be useful?


A collaboration in mind?

Let’s talk.

We are always open to making our group stronger.