Consulting service

Groupement Services Collectifs thinks and acts like a venturer. We’re not brokers. We are group insurance experts and business people who are connected to the realities of SME’s.


We make everything clear. Decision making becomes easy. So does financial planning. And program implementation is a breeze. In addition to being really sympathetic.


  • Industry monitoring.
  • Strategic advice.
  • Support for senior management and managers for group insurance and benefits.
  • Program audit, needs analysis and customized recommendations.
  • Development of product solutions.

Product solutions


What if we said you can enjoy purchasing power usually reserved for big business? That’s exactly what we offer you.


We deploy a unique strength for you, an exclusive partnership with the Groupement des chefs d’entreprises, a business network that shares our values of performance and mutual assistance.


This association gives us great bargaining power and guarantees the stability and competitiveness of our prices.


  • Risk reduction: more than 350 client companies and 15,000 insured.
  • Several million in annual premiums.
  • Unique negotiation and purchase power.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Stable premiums, predictable costs.
  • Flexible approach.
  • Optional Dental Care.


Be the master of your plan, define the eligible coverage in detail and control costs 100%. This approach involves proactive management of your program and a commitment to employees in the area of health (education, prevention, etc.).


  • Cost control and reduction.
  • Minimal administration fees.
  • Flexible approach, highly customizable.
  • High transparency and increased decision-making power.
  • Losses and profits belong to the company.


A turnkey and competitive multi-manager funds offer. An intelligent solution to prepare for a brilliant future.


  • Exclusive offers for GSC clients who are members of the Groupement des chefs d’entreprises!
  • No intervention required.
  • No trust or maintenance fees.
  • Specialized resource dedicated to your account.
  • Access to leading resources and tools for participants.


We love teaming up with professionals who are happy to work with you on additional solutions for all your needs, current or anticipated. Let’s talk and let us introduce our collaborator gems.

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