Our incredible

Groupement Services Collectifs was built one relationship at a time. From handshake to handshake, our goal is always the same: find those rare gems who share our work ethic.


With them, we offer sensible, complementary solutions and products that result in exclamations of “Oh wow!” “It’s wonderful!” and “Thank you a thousand times!

Employee Assistance

Without kindness there’s no performance. The solution? An employee and family support program for less than $35 per employee annually, including a new user-friendly self-service technology platform.

Group Savings Plan

A competitive, turnkey group savings plan driven by exclusive offers to Groupement Services Collectifs customers and members of the Groupement des chefs d’entreprise. Take advantage of it!

Health and Wellness
at Work

A person-centered business? We’ve got you covered. This fantastic resource will help you plan and initiate a health and wellness project in your workplace.

Critical Illness and
Life Insurance

Life doesn’t always happen how we expect it. In case of serious illness or death, it is reassuring to know that a smooth outcome is possible. For you and your loved ones.

Virtual Health Service

Health professionals at a click: convenient, fast, comforting. Getting all the answers while saving time is brilliant!

International Insurance

Travelling employees? Impatriates or expatriates? Subsidiaries abroad? No problem. We have the network to prepare you for every eventuality.